"They started as two unknowns and one day...
they will be legendary."
Tarf Rassas, prominent merchant of Bartertown

Portrait of Arban

Portrait of Red Gloomyday

Portrait of Vumkill

The Warriors

Arban [NPC Troll Nethermancer]
Drimorils [Dwarf Sky Raider]
Elusive [NPC Human Illusionist]
Hederick [Obsidiman Elementalist]
Jyniara [NPC Elf Archer]
Red [NPC Windling Warrior]
Palador [Human Warrior]
R'srella [NPC Obsidiman Troubadour]
Vumkill [Troll Mystic Warrior]
Xinth [NPC Human Journeyman]
The original WoB

New work-in-progress WoB

The Warriors of the Brithan

The Barsaivian Underground
Partie 1 - la formation -

Partie 2 - Flamme Sombre -
Other Groups

The Theranists
Ig'nara Silverheart [Ork Thief]

Adept's of the mind
Lunossilonimo Danoniokileau [Obsidiman Purifier]

The Barsaivian Underground
Kroupo Garakot [Ork Warrior]
Gwalie [Rikkilian Shaman]
Related characters
Other examples of Adepts
Some NPCs

Lightworker's Workshop

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